Shopping locally – fruit and veg markets ….

I usually use my blog for restaurant reviews and eating out however I think it’s important to highlight that eating in can be just as fun!!

For me shopping at one supermarket every week would be boring and repetitive. I find exploring different food retailers can liven up eating times. Many people will complain that it is too expensive to shop anywhere other than their local supermarket chain – I disagree.

I’m fortunate enough to live in the Southside of Glasgow. On Victoria Road, in Govanhill there is a fruit and veg market selling lots of fresh produce much cheaper and more appealing than any supermarket products.

I bought these cherries yesterday and 400g cost me £1.50. OK, so it’s probably about the same price to buy a bag of apples from Asda but definitely not as enjoyable.

If you want to feel better and eat healthier you have to invest a little. By visiting local fruit and veg market stalls rather than supermarkets you will see a visual difference in quality and taste. I find it off-putting buying tomatoes from a supermarket that are more of an orange colour than red and are all identical in shape. Independent stall holders provide a huge rise in quality for this type of produce not to mention a variety of colour and size.

If you have children they may also enjoy eating healthier if their fruit and veg is more varied and not so bland as the usual supermarket apples and bananas.

So next time try something new from your local market stall. My favourite is the Victoria Road market next to the Royal Bank of Scotland in Govanhill. You’ll be surprised you may actually save money and feel better.


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