La Boca – Hope Street

Hello and sorry it’s been a while with the reviews a few different things have been keeping me busy and unfortunately not been out and about to keep you up to date with the best eat outs around.

I’m back now with a review on Spanish tapas restaurant La Boca.

Located on Hope Street my first instinct was that the signage wasn’t exactly appealing – I didn’t hold out much hope at all. As always first impressions can be deceiving.

Having lived in Spain for a year I’m well acquainted with the cuisine yet finding traditional Spanish food outside Spain can often be difficult. Yes, there are many Spanish restaurants in Glasgow however eating at these places I feel some chefs think they can throw ingredients together, put it in a small dish and call it tapas – afraid not.

I could easily say La Boca is the most authentic Spanish food I’d tried outside Spain. Some of you are probably reading this and thinking well you haven’t tried this or that Spanish restaurant – and as always I welcome correspondence. There are the bigger restaurants such as La Tasca etc but I would still stand proud and say la Boca is superior.

After a cry of excitement at the menu when I saw ‘morcillia’ was available – Spanish black pudding – it was the first time I’d seen it available outside Spain. It was definitely the first tapa to be ordered – and I urge you to try it if you’re lucky enough to find it. Eventually we opted for 6 – yes 6 tapas – it was just too difficult to choose from. The ‘boquerones’ (anchovies) came pickled and were dressed on crisps and not just any run of the mill Walkers crisps but proper Spanish hand cooked crisps – the ones you get that are super crunchy on a plate and you drizzle lemon on them – those ones!

The ‘baclao’ (cod) was melt in the mouth salted Spanish cod and again couldn’t be beat in the authenticity charts. Along with this came the ‘calamares’ (fried squid) ‘patatas bravas’ (potatoes in spicy sauce) and chilli garlic prawns.

The tapas altogether were indeed nothing short of the real deal. Cooked to perfection. Of course, to accompany the food we ordered the usual wine and jug of sangria which again arrived in the same way it would in rural Andalucia – in a jug, with plenty of fruit. I was determined to sample all of La Boca’s treats and enjoyed the coffee also. Labelled ‘Asiatico’ in Southern Spain it apparently has a different name on the islands or so the waitress from Tenerife explained. A short coffee with local Spanish liquor, condensed milk and cinnamon. Was delightful!

As for décor you could easily walk into this bodega somewhere in Spain and not know the difference. The tiling on the walls, the floors, and interior are all traditional Spanish aesthetics.

As for service we asked about pricing regarding a deal I had organised before attending the restaurant and we never exactly got any clear information from either waitress. Not to worry as what we paid was reasonable enough – but just be careful to check if you’re arranging any offer before heading along.

If you want proper old fashioned Spanish cuisine this is the place to go!

Food: 5/5 – Traditional, authentic Spanish food located in Glasgow

Service: 3/5 – Friendly and informative but misinformation on pricing was confusing.

Value for money: 3/5 – (see above) but overall reasonable city centre prices.

Décor: 3/5 – Same as the food, real and authentic.

Total: 14/20 – Definitely worth a try. A peaceful ambience after work on a Friday afternoon.

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