Butterfly and The Pig South @ The Corona

Following up from my first review of McMillan Chop House I wanted to add my next venue as the ever popular Butterfly and the Pig. Re-located from Glasgow’s West End due to premise issues. The quirky bar/restaurant has taken over what was known as the Corona at Shawlands Cross. Anyone who visited the Corona previously would know it was pretty a much an eye sore with cheap drinks and in dire need of air fresheners – well now……..drum rolll… the Butterlfy and the Pig have landed and what a transformation!!!

Having been a fan previously of the West End venue I was delighted to find out there would now be one appearing right on my doorstep. Having opened only a few nights previously I couldn’t wait to try it. We made our way down on the first Friday of business. I phoned ahead first to be sure we could be seated but the restaurant was fully booked. Not to worry the pleasant waiter said we could eat in the bar area – even better as we could take little Polly my  6 month old Chihuahua too.

On arrival I observed that the decor hadn’t changed too much from the Corona but just enough to make it appear far more elegant than it’s predecessor. Although the tables and seating remained from the latter, the new fresh lighting and candles and not to mention  – yes  – air fresheners created a whole new refreshing ambience from pensioner to young professional.

Having asked at the bar about food we were told we just to wait and find a table and sure enough one came up quite quickly and we dived on it. As we were waiting we ordered some drinks from another bar man. When told we were ordering food too he replied ‘no sorry you can’t order food in the bar it’s too busy’ – confusing considering the waitress who was clearing our table told us she would be back to take our order. We took our drinks and decided to keep eye contact with the friendly waitress who was very helpful. She filled us in on their move and how they were settling in to the Southside.

The menu had a good range of burgers to mains like fish and chips and stews but I really detested the language it was written in -if it was a language. Instead of printing straightforward ‘fish and chips’ it came in a paragraph of ‘gobbledy gook’. Having fought through an essay of a menu I decided on the black pudding, bacon and apple salad and Alex ordered the fish cake. Trying to look for the waitress again she was nowhere to be seen. Within the busy bar I asked some one behind it where she was – he asked me to describe her -ok….. Then he went on a mission round the venue to find her. Would it not have been easier to say ‘I can help you instead?’. Anyway after a couple of minutes he came back looking unsure so I said to him I’d like to order food – he then went on to fetch another member of staff. After a long wait this staff member then said we had to order and pay at the bar – not  a problem if it meant I didn’t have to deal with anymore of the staff for the evening.

The food arrived and what a treat! the salad was divine with a variety of different flavours. It was a huge portion that I coudn’t finish but enjoyed massively. Alex was delighted by his fish cake which was super exciting as it was no ordinary fish cake. To expalin, it was more like a Spanish tortilla it arrived in a medium sized frying pan that you eat out of – what a cool idea!!!!! He was well and truly thrilled by his new fish cake experience. Even little Polly got to try some and she loved both our meals. But she loves anything that comes from our plates,

The wine was not too bad either. We’re in a bar eating restaurant food with pub wine. What’s to grumble about. Overall food and wine were delightful.

As for the service I’ll put it down to teething problems as the venue had only just opened . The same scenario from my first review of McMillan Chop House. However what does it take to ensure good service? Where are management? We’ll wait and see if Butterfly and the Pig can improve on this however I’ll definitely be back!

Food: 3/5 – Unusual quirky plates of bar food. Menu difficult to understand.

Service: 3/5 – Friendly but management could keep them in the loop a bit more.

Value for Money: 4/5 – Just under £40 for 2 mains and a bottle of wine

Decor: 4/5 -A wonderful transformation perfect for a loungy bar

Suitable for: Afterwork drinks, casual lunch/dinner, bite to eat after work

<a href=”http://www.urbanspoon.com/r/340/1941659/restaurant/Southside/Butterfly-and-the-Pig-the-Corona-Glasgow”><img alt=”Butterfly and the Pig @ the Corona on Urbanspoon” src=”http://www.urbanspoon.com/b/logo/1941659/minilogo.gif&#8221; style=”border:none;width:104px;height:15px” /></a>


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