The McMillan Southside – Chop House Bar and Grill

The McMillan Southside is a cosy romantic steak house located on 862 Pollokshaws Road right in the hub of Glasgow Southside.

From the outside you can see the log fire and pine effect interiors. Seating is well spaced out with high backed booths, there is plenty of privacy so you are not overheard whilst enjoying your evening.

Having the table booked for 6pm on a Thursday night we turned up and waited at the bar which boasts cocktails, an extensive wine list and a range of beers and spirits. We waited, and waited and waited and still no acknowledgement of staff despite hearing them chatting from the other side of the gantry. Eventually we walked round to grab their attention – not a great start as there was only one other table in the full restaurant.

Without further ado we were seated in a big comfy leather booth which could’ve seated around 4-6 others. The menu was mouthwatering with a range of intriguing starters from Cullen Skink to cooked ribs. McMillan Chophouse also boasts a reasonable pre-theatre menu. However as we were celebrating my birthday we opted for the a la carte menu – all at a la carte prices – natural for a steak house. For starters I choose the salt and pepper squid and Alex choose his old favourite scallops and black pudding. For mains we both opted for 6oz Rump steak with a wide range of sides to choose from. For me I had to choose the dauphenoise potatoes a heavenly luxury and Alex choose chips.  We ordered a bottle of red and a bottle of Prosecco. All going smoothly we just had to sit back and wait on it arriving.

Despite being 1 out of 2 tables in the restaurant we noticed a lot of staff. The wine arrived with no issues and the starters arrived.

Being a steak house all the food is priced at al carte which is expected but how more expensive would it be to simply add a dressing to the salad of the starter?? Quite disappointing as the squid was cooked wonderfully. the salad of rocket looked beautiful but unfortunately tasted dry and rubbery without a drizzle of dressing or seasoning. The dip that came with the squid was a sesame oil dressing and rich was not the only word to describe what you’d have to be to afford  every time you visited McMillan. A harsh oily flavour that could have been diluted more. Alex’s scallops came out with out any issue. He also noted that the salad was too bland without any dressing and unfortunately the after taste of the sesame dressing with my starter left a bad taste in my mouth.

Not to be put-off on my birthday I remained positive. The steaks finally arrived and were cooked to perfection. Everything was laid on the table minus Alex’s chips we asked for them and were told they would be a couple of minutes at which point being the only table now in the full building we heard from the kitchen the fryer starting up and the chips just added – Disappointing to say the least. After another 5 minutes we did ask again in which a waitress who looked like the manager brought over 2 portions – the extra one at no extra charge,

After it all arrived together the meal was delicious. the steak was cooked perfectly with cooked mushroom and pepper sauce. It truly was wonderful including the side of onion rings which were non-greasy and light as a feather. The dauphnoise potatoes were incredible. The food complemented the house red to a tee it would be natural to wave off the delay in our foods and ignore the service from the beginning of the evening.

Staff remained upbeat and friendly and on removing our plates we had to opt for the cheese board out of nosiness. Partial to a cheeseboard rather than  a sweet course we got one to share. Good and bad to follow. The worst thing when ordering any cheeseboard is being given 4 oatcakes with a huge selection of cheese. This was the first time we were told just to ask for more oatcakes if needed – other restaurants take note!! The worst thing was no chutney…  we had to ask the waitress to bring it over – again.

With the help of my mum who had already phoned up and ordered us a surprise bottle of Prosecco she told us the manager had apparently promised to ‘look after us’. He certainly outdid himself when he sent the waitress over to apologise for the issues and that we could have the cheese board on the house. So all not too bad.

With regards to service overall – not the worst however for the entire stay we did listen to what I’m guessing was the chef ensure everyone was listening to him about his cooking – maybe he could use this time to inform his staff what’s to be served – I mean no chutney??? Alternatively make sure the chips are ready with rest of the meal? Make sure staff are meeting and greeting customers? This is not a cheap restaurant and I’m a firm believer in you should get what you pay for including service. It is with out a doubt the staff could do with more training.

Either way it was a huge thumbs up for McMillan chop house. I hope to return soon see these issue smoothed out.

Food: 4/5 – Lack of dressing on salad???

Service: 3/5 – Could do with some training

Value for money: 4/5 – under £100 – not bad for 1 bottle of wine, 1 bottle of prosecco full a la carte menu (excluding Prosecco from my mum) Cheese board was free of charge.

Decor: 3/5 –  Lovely, relaxing interior a bit cold however


Suitable for : Couples, family parties, cooperate events (has own private room for this).


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